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Our Ingredients

Our patented Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex nourishes, moisturizes and fortifies hair. We've combined the HPF Complex with Kukui Nut Oil, the richest of all the anti-aging omega oils, to create restorative formulas that renew shine and repair hair damaged from the daily wear and tear of styling, processing and coloring.

For centuries, Hawaiians have relied on the healing, nourishing properties of plants and minerals to keep their skin glowing and hair lustrously shiny, and so do we. Paul Brown Hawaii believes naturally derived ingredients help protect hair's integrity. Discover the unique properties of our HPF Complex and Kukui Nut Oil in all our products.

  • Kukui Nut Oil

    Kukui Nut Oil

    Aleurites moluccana

    Kukui nut oils contain substantial amounts of anti-aging omega-3 fatty acids, known to strengthen and restore radiance to the hair and skin. Kukui Nuts boast one of the highest concentrations of omega-rich oils (omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9), along with vitamins A and E - all the penetrating antioxidants needed to keep hair looking younger and shinier.

  • Papaya


    Carica papaya fruit extract

    Papaya helps to gently remove product buildup while restoring hair's natural shine and softness. In addition, papaya adds body and volume to limp, lackluster hair. Some herbalists believe it also helps strengthen hair, control dandruff and promote hair growth.

  • Sea Kelp

    Sea Kelp

    Macrocystis pyrifera extract

    Good for the body and good for the hair. The ancient Hawaiians have long used kelp in remedies to stimulate hair growth. Scientists have documented kelp's softening and regenerative abilities. Brown seaweed, rich with polysaccharides and amino acids, helps moisturize and smooth cuticles, creating amazingly shinier, healthier-looking hair.

  • Guava


    Psidium guajava fruit extract

    Known as "Botox" for hair, herbalists have long applied guava to gently cleanse delicate strands. Because it is a natural source of fiber, it adds "bounce," while making hair look and feel thicker. Chock-full of vitamins A, B and C, guava helps prevent oxidation of cells -- a great preservative for hair color and highlights. Guava also contains carotenoids, known to fight free radicals caused by stress and environmental pollutants.

  • Banana


    Musa paradisica fruit extract

    Banana oil is widely used in hair care products such as conditioners and hair creams for its strong moisturizing properties, making hair baby soft and so much more manageable. Along with vitamin C and B complex, it is abundant in calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. And famous for its nourishing potassium, it is the perfect remedy for hair damaged by processing treatments, such as coloring or straightening.

  • Sandalwood


    Santalum album extract

    Sandalwood essential oil is an expensive, but worthwhile investment because it not only repairs damaged hair, but also increases hair’s radiance. Along with soothing the senses, it combats the ravages of aging hair by promoting hydration and moisture.

  • Burdock Root

    Burdock Root

    Arctium lappa root extract

    Burdock root soothes scalp irritation, combats dandruff and promotes hair growth. Traditionally popular in Europe as a scalp treatment, it helps strengthen hair while infusing shine and body. Men revere it because it is believed to combat hair loss. Scientific studies indicate it is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids, which are necessary in maintaining a healthy scalp and encouraging natural hair growth.

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Cocos nucifera fruit extract

    This rich emollient conditions and revitalizes hair like nothing else. To start, it helps water mix with oil and dirt so these particles can be rinsed away effortlessly and without stripping natural shine. Coconut oil also protects and enhances the appearance and feel of hair, increasing body and shine while improving texture, particularly hair that has been damaged by daily wear and tear, along with chemical treatments.

  • Arrowroot


    Maranta arundinacea root extract

    The South American Arawak Indians used this fine, white powder as an antidote for poisoned arrows. In hair products, arrowroot powder helps moisturizing properties penetrate cuticles while acting as a hair thickener, adding incredible fullness to each strand of hair.

  • Lemongrass


    Cymbopogon schoenanthus extract

    Lemongrass gently cleanses the hair without stripping natural oil and imparts sheen and body. Invigorating and stimulating, lemon grass oil is a natural dandruff inhibitor.

  • Raspberry


    Rubus idaeus fruit extract

    A powerful and delicious blend of vitamin C and other antioxidants, this luscious red fruit improves elasticity in hair while gently removing product buildups.

  • Awapuhi White Ginger

    Awapuhi White Ginger

    Zingiber zerumbet

    This slimy-sudsy nectar with a ginger scent is richly conditioning, making hair soft and ultra shiny. Hawaiians use it as a leave-in conditioner and massage lotion to combat dry skin.

  • Watercress


    Nasturtium officinale

    The Romans used a watercress tonic to stimulate hair growth. We rely on this vitamin A-rich water plant to add moisture to distressed, damaged hair while keeping cuticles strong.

  • Passionflower Fruit

    Passionflower Fruit

    Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa

    This essential fatty acid-rich fruit has a relaxing musky, guava-like scent. High in vitamin C, this lovely exotic fruit gently cleanses hair while repairing dry, brittle tresses.